JBsquared,based out of Virgania, is a creative design & software consulting house.

App & Web Development

Have an amazing idea for an app? Need a web service for your business? Let us know and let's build it

World Building

Step into the world of Bluff Street. JBsquared universal fictional world that is integrated within all JBsquared releases


Gizmo, Our flexible consultant plan that aims to assist small business in all their creative and technical tasks big or small

Creative Studio

Everything we develop contains elements of fun and provides a sense of play and exploration of our imagination.

Gizmo Clients
Bluff Street Characters
Games In Development
Logos Designed
Tools & Services

We are not just IT and creative consultants we are also developers Because of this we have developed various tools and web services that we include into our consulting packages for you.

Friendly Support

Consultants are always available to talk . Our preferred method of communication is what is easier for you. Facebook messager, text message, email,Slack, or old fashion phone calls it doesn't matter to us


Bottom line is we love what we do. We love helping businesses meet their creative and technology goals. We love making clients and players smile

Contact Us

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    +(321) 430-8566
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    5667 Stone Road Suite 560, Centreville, VA 20120-1618